We LOVE outside time at every age, 12 months a year!  TCLC has lots of open area for running and playing large motor games.  Come and explore the sand box, climb on one of varying level climbers or choose from a wide variety of toys.  

Welcome to the preschool room!  Our days are filled with calender, art, sensory, large group games, science, math, free play inside/out and so much more!!  What do you choose?  All of the above!  The curriculum is carefully designed to offer you lots of choices, challenge your reasoning as well as problem solving skills and get you ready for your next step in life-elementary school!

Wow have you grown!  The 2 year old room is ready and waiting for curious children who love large motor experiences and challenging activities specially planned for you each day.  The staff will continue developing your verbal communication, skill building in all areas and encourage appropriate interactive play with other children. 

Happy 1st Birthday!  You are now ready to move into our Toddler room.  Another crucial learning period in your life!  You will be encouraged to participate in many educational activities each day that will foster the beginning stages of reading, writing and self help skills. Our curriculum is specially designed for busy toddlers who want to explore the world around them!

Welcome to TCLC sweet baby!  The staff in the Infant Room strive to be an extension of your home.  We encourage you to form their own schedule as well as offering new and different experiences each day.  As you grow and change we will help foster learning by offering books, music, simple art, outside exploration, sensory and lots of one on one time!

Outdoor Area


Two Year Old's



Thanks for taking a moment to tour Tuttle Creek Learning Center!  Enjoy!