It's comforting to my family knowing that my child's needs are in the best hands.  The busy lifestyles in today's world provided a reassurance everyday to not only us as parents, but my children as well.

Kristie Belyeu

We have been with Tuttle Creek Learning Center for many years now.  We love it here!  They are flexible with our unusual work schedule.  The teachers have helped me and my children (ages 7, 5 and 3) with the occasional separation anxiety that morning drop off tend to bring.  They are warm and comforting with my children at nap time and super energetic and fun during free play and class time.  The communication is very open with the teachers.  They let you know how their day went good and bad.  Probably the most important to me if hearing it from my children.  They are excited when I pick them up and like to share with my all the wonderful things they did that day.

Julie Korth

My son has been at Tuttle Creek since 3 months of age and he is now 3 years old.  We have all had such a wonderful experience at Tuttle Creek.  We found Tuttle Creek after a bad experience with an in home care provider and could not be happier with the choice we have made.  We are part of the Tuttle Creek family.  We know the staff by name and have become good friends with everyone who has cared for my son over the years.  I gladly recommend Tuttle Creek to any family looking for quality child care and education for their child.  The staff work with the children and the parents for quality education and learning.

Kellie Peterson

Our 2 kids, 5 and 2 years old have been going to Tuttle Creek since they were 3 years and 3 months old and they love being there; they love the teachers, the kids, everything.  In fact when we asked our 5 year old why he didn't want to go to big school (4K) one day last week, he simply stated that it's just his favorite place, daycare is.  It makes me and my husband so happy to take our children to a daycare where we know they are so very well taken care of and loved.

Angie and Andy Krejcarek

When we moved to the Kewaskum area, I was concerned about how my two boys would transition to a new daycare.  The staff at Tuttle Creek have been very welcoming and has made the transition so much easier!  The teachers have been accommodating, positive and always have the kids' best interest in mind.  We are thankful to have found such a great daycare!

Kelly Heimerman

Tuttle Creek has never felt like a daycare center to me.  Sure the physical structure looks like a daycare but the teachers are extraordinary.  They don't approach the work they do as just a job.  They do care for and about each child not just on the surface but in their hearts.  All of the teachers put in a great deal of effort in teaching the children life skills, socialization and academics in creative and fun ways.  I can't imagine going anywhere else.  Tuttle Creek is a home away from home for my children.

Carrie Schepp

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My 22 month old daughter has been going to Tuttle Creek for almost a year now and we are happy with our experience.  Working full time and being a parent can be very stressful and knowing that our child is in great hands eliminates a huge part of that stress.  They have been very flexible and accommodating to our needs.  Our daughter loves to go "to school" and has become very attached to the staff and other children there.  We are so appreciative to have such a wonderful facility so close to home.  We would recommend this learning center to anyone looking for a safe, reliable, quality child care at an affordable price.

Lisa and Tom Cannestra